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Sali is a place of a thousand-years-old fishing tradition, which was confirmed by written documents from the 10th century and ancient olive groves surrounding the village witness the intensive agricultural activities throughout the centuries.

The cultural heritage of Sali is represented by sacred buildings such as the parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a gorgeous wooden altar from the 17th century and inscriptions written in Glagolitic, as well as the churches of St. Roch and St. Nicholas. There are also remains of layouts of other Christian churches in the fields of Sali.

slano jezero

Salt Lake “Mir”

Salt lake Mir is located in a narrow band of land between the bay and the open sea. During high tide, it is easy to see the sources of the incoming sea. The lake is approximately 900 meters long and 300 meters wide, and its maximum depth is 86 meters. The salinity of water in the lake is higher than in the surrounding sea, due to considerable evaporation and closed nature of the lake.

The sea level in the Lake Mir is always roughly equal, because the permeability of cracks connecting the lake with the sea is relatively low. However, when the strong south winds begin blowing, the sea begins to overflow into Lake Mir in the southeastern part of the lake.


Nature Park Telašćica

Welcome to the place where the steepest white Adriatic cliffs 162 meters high dive into the blue sea. Common bottlenose dolphins, the last marine mammals of the Adriatic, have chosen Telašćica as their favorite gathering place, swimming in pods and providing visitors with a splendid photo opportunity on top of what is an unforgettable moment anyway. Just as you watch them, you might miss a peregrine falcon that flew off from the cliff at that very moment.

It is impossible to capture the totality of beauty of Croatia’s most beautiful and largest Adriatic bay, Telašćica. Numerous coves, capes and rocks, and the safest harbor for those who sail – that is Telašćica.


Kornati National Park

The Kornati archipelago – a labyrinth of stone, with eighty nine islands, islets and rocks in the sea. It is the most indented island group in the Mediterranean. Regardless of whether you look at the Kornati Islands from the air, from the sea, or from sightseeing points on the islands, the view is equally impressive – and yet different to the eye every single time. Every vista is more than worth experiencing, and every perspective worth examining. Dry stone walls on the Kornati Islands are silent and steadfast witnesses to hard work on modest soil on stone surrounded by crystal-clear sea. The Kornati Islands are the stone pearls of the Mediterranean.

The islands and islets of Kornati are scattered like in a play of sorts between the stone and the sea.



If you want to experience the gloom of the Mediterranean past, we certainly recommend sailing with “Leut” on latin sail.

Leut is a slim, solidly built wooden boat of good naval features. In the Mediterranean and along the Croatian coast, it traditionally serves for fishing and cargo transportation (firewood, construction materials, wine etc.). It is 7 to 15 m in length, and at the bow there is a short jump (jumping) to the deck. It is usually equipped with 6 large bubbles and a mast with a Latin or gullet, with or without a hook



In the breaks between swimming in crystal clear sea and enjoyment in nature and in our restaurant, you can also reward yourself with massage, fitness, pedicure or manicure.



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