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Restaurant island žut



is one of the islands of the Kornati archipelago

Žut is one of the islands of the Kornati archipelago. It is located between the island of Pašman on the one side, which is connected to the mainland by a boat heading to Ugljan, and the island of Kornat on the other. With the surface of almost 15 km2, this oblong island is only 2 km wide and its highest peak is 172 m high. The inlets of Hiljača, Sarušćica, Bizikovica, Golubovac, Žešnja, Podražanj, Strunac and others line up along its steep and very indented coastline, providing Robinsonian atmosphere and possible shelter for small fisherman boats and small sailboats.

island žut

There are no permanent settlements on this island covered with olives, figs and vine, but over the year various fishermen and shepherds, olive producers and fig pickers from the island of Murter occasionally stay here. Since Kornati are a nautical heaven, there is also a marina with around 120 berths on Žut. Therefore, this place is ideal for everyone coming to their summer vacation with their own or rented boat, since the sea around Žut, as well as the entire Kornati archipelago, is the best spot for water sports.

Island Žut


The ports on Žut are located in sheltered coves.

Pod Ražanj. This is the name of the largest cove on Žut, located between the peninsulas, Ražanj in the west and the Strunac in the east. The best-known Murter olive groves are located on the slopes of the cove, at the foot of Grba, Travanj and Gubavac, and the oil from these slopes is regarded as the finest. A modern yacht harbour with about a hundred mooring places and the necessary services has recently been built in the western part of the cove.

Bizikovica i Pinizel. Sailing further towards the northwest along the Ražanj peninsula, we come to the cove Bizikovica. At the very bottom of the cove are the houses and olive groves of many families from Murter. An impressive view of the archipelago of Žut and Sita opens from the near-by peaks Tvrdomešnjak, Travanj and Gubavac.

Island Žut


Coming from the West (from the direction of NP Kornati), the shortest way to Žut is through the passage of Proversa vela or Proversa mala. By night it is recommended to sail through the passage of Proversa mala, which is well marked with sea lights. Looking from the direction of Zadar, there is the passage of Mali Ždrelac (12.5 m high bridge). On the entrance to the inlet of Žut, where the ACI marina Žut is situated, the island of Maslinjak is located. The exact position of the northern cape of the island of Maslinjak, which is 43°53.2’ N 15°18.8’ E, may serve for navigation purposes.